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Fire Protection Alarm Check Valves

FCV Series  Alarm Check Valve-UL Listed

Product Description

Armaş FCV Alarm Check Valve is designed for wet applications where the water has no the danger of frost. The pressurized water which is inside of the pipe-line is discharged by sprinklers because of fire situation. When the discharged pressurized water system is supporting continuously, retard chamber is being full. Then, the pressure switch on the retard chamber is actuated. The pressure switch sends alarm information to fire warning system or the automation system. After the pressure switch is actuated, the water is delivered to the gong and releases a mechanical alarm.

  • Available Models
  • Typical Applications
TS EN 12259-2 Model Connection Size

•Wet Alarm Valve Body

•Retard Chamber

•Wet Alarm Valve Kit

•Alarm Gong

•Alarm Pressure Switch

FCV-02 Flanged Ø65 2½"
FCV-03 Flanged Ø80 3"
FCV-04 Flanged Ø100 4"
FCV-06 Flanged Ø150 6"
FCV-08 Flanged Ø200 8"


Water / Foam Concentration Fire Protection Systems
Open Nozzle / Sprinklers Applications
Chemical Facilities
Flamble Materials Storages
Petroleum / Gas Facilities